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Teaching technology and helping programmers land the job of their dreams.

My Story

Hi, I'm Jaron.
The owner (and sole employee) of Swab Technologies LLC. A company started to teach people about technology using online content.
Since the founding in 2016, Swab Technologies has expanded into many areas. Including...

... coaching new programmers..
... running the Hacker Culture podcast...
... and helping small businesses leverage the internet.
The content creation side of the company start years before the company existed. At 16 I started blogging about the tech I was learning.
Not only that but my programming journey also started when I was 16 and has become a great passion.
After starting the company...
I found my self learning about selling online and what it takes succeed in the internet age.
This experience has put Swab Technologies in a unique place to help a wide range of people.
Whether it's learning tech, getting that first programming job, or taking a business online.
Swab Technologies is here to help.
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Listen to the Hacker Culture Podcast. Where you'll learn about Linux, web decentralization, and what it means to be a true hacker.



Read the blog by J. R.

It covers a wide range of technology topics. Tutorials that don't work in podcasts find their life here as well.

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The Code Foundry

I'm giving away my bag of (almost totally non-technical) tricks that will show you exactly how to land the programing job of your dreams.

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My Mission

My mission is to make tech easier to learn, use, and profit from.
For anyone trying to learn...
I focus on simplicity and easy to understand analogies.
For those struggling to get a programming job...
I show them what they need to stand out it the crowded job market.
For small businesses...
I assist them in tech that actually matters to move their business forward.
I've spent decades learning and work to make sure your journey is only a fraction of the time I spent.